Monday, May 9, 2011

Off to a promising start...

I find this hilarious. Did I read that correctly? HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript? Great. This game will run as perfect as pumpkin pie!

The website looks amazing. I love the poll result numbers, which are randomly tabulated for no reason. The team's abilities at cropping circles are absolutely incredible. Take a look:
Jeez, what graphical talent! I can't wait to see how the images will look in game! Especially harnessing the raw power of graphics manipulation from a web browser. You know... animation of each character in the room walking, chat bubbles, room animation, magic spells, interface components, multiple transparent objects such as smoke, water, etc. Yep, JavaScript can definitely handle it. No doubt. Another plus to choosing those three languages to program a game, is that the client side is completely open source and modifiable! People will have an extremely tough time hacking this game!

The creator seems quite intelligent. He's having conversations with the obvious troll accounts of uvora_oatman and uvora_etta, thinking that they're the actually them. Anyone with half a brain can tell those accounts are fake. But there he is, chatting away, thinking they're themselves. His antisocial self probably just doesn't understand humor or sarcasm.

Anyway, if you have any questions about openVMK, make sure to contact one of their trustworthy and loyal staff members! Hired right on the spot; no questions asked!

Contact some directly!

Did you see that?! The beloved Kfan is a staff member for openVMK? Wasn't he the lady gaga obsessed suck-up for Uvora?! What is happening here?

I can't wait to see what's in store!